Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pictures in the Woods

Right before I went on vacation, it was a beautiful day here, so I took Sidekick for a walk in the woods nearby.  I wanted to take my good camera and snap some shots of his innocence while reveling in the magical world around him. I've always been horrible about taking pictures of him, and he's my first born!  I've posted before about his obsession with sticks, so he was like a pig in shit with all of the trees and sticks around him. He was my sweet, happy little boy, and I found so much joy in just watching him explore everything that surrounded him.  As I am beyond stressed with juggling him and work and now my back giving me big problems yet again, looking at these pictures puts a smile on my face.  Our time in the woods reminded me of how much I love and yearn for the simplicity of life.
I just love this little guy to pieces!

Heading into the woods.

Hard at work moving big sticks.

Dirt! (He's learning to not be so freaked out by the dirtiness)

I think he'll look like when he is much older because he certainly doesn't look 21 months

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  1. Such cute photos, looks like he had a great time!