Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chucking Chicken and Sloppy Splashing

I think that Sidekick officially hit the Terrible Twos today during the drive between the park and home.  He was great all day. I put him in the stroller this morning and we walked to the grocery store (two miles round trip), and when we got home, he played outside until lunchtime, and he quietly went down for a nap.  After nap, I gave him a snack, put some suntan lotion on, and headed to a park to meet some friends.  Sidekick has zero fears... the bigger the slide the better, so I ended up climbing all of the things with him because the Under 2 section is "below" him.  He needs more exciting things to climb on and slide down. 
For dinner, he gobbled up his cooked carrots, and after one bite of chicken, he threw it (which some of it ended up behind him).  When I write throw, I mean chucked it as hard as he could!  The kid has quite an arm!  I warned him not to do it again, and when he did, I immediately took him out of his chair and walked him out to a corner to make him sit.  He fought me but after a minute, he gave me a hug after I told him that we don't throw food, and he happily walked back to his chair... only to do it again!  I repeated the time out... Two. More. Times!  After a total of three time outs, he went to his room the fourth time he chucked the chicken.  He has room darkening curtains that were still closed from his nap, and I didn't turn a light on so it was fairly dark, but I quickly (and angrily) walked him to his room, and shut the door.  He stood at the door yelling "Momma" over and over again, until I finally went in about five minutes later.  He immediately sat on my lap and I gave him the same speech about not throwing food.  He hugged me yet again and walked into the kitchen and ate his entire meal.  Momma won!  (This is the second time I have "punished" him for his bad behavior.  He is normally a very well behaved, good natured kid.)

During bath time, for whatever reason, he threw a handful of bubbles outside of the tub.  When I told him not to do this, he scooped out a big handful of water and managed to somehow splash it out of the tub, leaving quite a mess.  All of this was going on while we were Skyping my mom.  I immediately pulled the plug, yanked him out of the tub, and wrapped a towel around him.  He sat on the toilet seating crying and I think hoping my mom would jump through the computer screen and save him. My mom was about to cave and say something to him because he was so sad, when he was really just plain pathetic. 

I took him in his room, put PJs on, told him it was ni-night time and to pick out some books.  He grabbed a few, gave them to me, and walked out of the room saying, "Show".  Normally, I let him watch 20 minutes of a show with me before bed time (it's the only time I let him watch TV), but I stood firm that this was not going to happen.  He went into the living room crying "Show" while I sat rocking on the glider in his room not saying a word.  About five minutes later, he came back to his bedroom and crawled into my lap to read books. Momma won again!  He was in bed at 7:15, when he is usually in bed at 7:45, but sometimes 8:00 on the weekends if we are doing something fun.  At 8:30 PM, he was still wide awake in his crib, but I didn't really care.  All I cared about is that he was quiet. 

Sidekick is a smart little dude who is very strong willed.  Even though he is 21 months old, he was not going to control me, despite the fact that he seemed to be running the show for a while there.  Holy shit! What happened to my sweet, well- mannered boy who usually wants to make me happy and make good choices?  He better come back... tomorrow morning!

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