Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Is my Child Playing with an Orb?

I don't know how I feel about orbs/ghosts. Do they exist?  Is it a bunch of BS?  Do children see them, play with them, and interact with them because only they can see them?  I seriously "think" there is one in Sidekick's room and it sometimes plays with him when he should be sleeping.  Right after I say "Zip up..." (the first time), you may notice a beam of light from right to left quickly going across his stomach.  Watch closely.


The first time I caught it on video, Sidekick was about 15 months old.  After I say, "Go ni-night", there is a little white "ball' coming from his right armpit down his body. This night he was extremely goofy and would not settle down.  Watch carefully:

Here's what's interesting... each time I have "caught" this "orb" on video, Sidekick tends to be very goofy in his crib usually long after he should be asleep.  It's always my inclination that "something" is going on.  The past two nights, two strange things have happened:

Sunday:  I woke up at 12:30 AM to the sounds of Sidekick's mobile as well as this jungle thing attached to his crib.  He was sound asleep.
Monday:  I woke up to both sounds again at 12:45 AM, only Sidekick was screaming bloody murder!  I went to his room and picked him up.  He refused to go back in his crib and clung to me while he continued screaming.  I took him in my bed (a rare treat) for 30 minutes to calm him down and snuggle a bit.  When I took him back to his room, he screamed again as soon as he knew where we were headed.  I knew he was okay, so I turned on his mobile and jungle, walked out, and turned the video monitor's volume off so his screaming wasn't so awful directly in my ear. 

Sidekick turns on both his jungle and mobile if they turn off while he is still awake, but the fact that they were both on in the middle of the night confuses me a bit.  Surely he turned them on, right?  But why was he sound asleep the first time and screaming the second time?  I honestly can't make sense of anything. 

Do do do do do do do do do do do do (Twilight Zone Theme Song.)


  1. I don't know if I believe in any of that either, but ever since my grandfather died this past winter, strange things have been happening. My son's toys turn on when I am the only person in the room, and there was a very strange situation with the lights in his room (a burnt out bulb suddenly glowing brighter than any other bulb in the room). Also, sometimes right before I put him to bed, he will point at empty space and ask "who's that?" and then smile and laugh. It is a bit freaky, but if it is all possible, then I just hope it is a guardian spirit.

    1. Ali,

      That's pretty crazy! Sidekick's mobile and jungle have turned on a lot this past week in the middle of the night when he is asleep. I so wish we could actually ask these little boys if they "see" anything.