Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outside Excursion

It's never fun to bundle up our kids to head outside because it seems to take a long time and a lot of patience.  Dog needed to go for a walk because I hadn't taken her outside to go potty while Sidekick was sleeping (video monitor is awesome so I can do this even if I can't go very far!).  Earlier today, it was snowing pretty hard.  After I carried Sidekick down two flights of stairs from on our condo while holding big Dog's leash, I realized it was pouring rain!  Knowing how long it took us to get out the door, Dog still needed to go potty, so I put Sidekick down to see what he would do.  With very little hesitation, he started walking without a care in the world that rain was pelting him, so I decided to continue on with our plan. Thirty minutes later, Sidekick had played in mud puddles, had climbed on what's left of piles of snow from the plows, and had chased a flock of birds in the field. Our trek ended with me carrying him home while he kicked and screamed because despite how wet his shoes, mittens, and pants were, he wanted to keep going. (Of course I didn't have my phone to take any pics of him during this fun excursion.) With Sidekick trudging forward, the rain and cold seemed less painful, the long walk with my bad back didn't seem to matter, and the muddy, wet clothes was only one more load of laundry. I love seeing and experiencing the world through my son's eyes because sometimes I think I'm seeing/doing things for the first time also.


  1. I love how are LOs surprise us - and make us see the world a little differently. Good for you for going on despite the rain!

  2. Spontaneous moments like that make up some of my favorite memories with my son. Sounds like a good day!

  3. Oh yes! The wonder of a puddle when you are a toddler!