Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tornadoes in January?

We live in tornado alley, but tornadoes in January are (obviously) very uncommon. In the not so distant past, tornadoes touched down not far from where I live and flattened homes. I've never worried about tornadoes because they don't really freak me out, but the other day, I had a brief moment of panic when Sidekick and I were separated during a tornado warning.  I was sitting in my home office watching the storm roll in.  I had the TV on in the background and was listening for updates.  The news had informed us of a tornado warning in the county where Sidekick goes to school (we live right on the edge of two counties).  I called his school to find out what they were doing and to tell them I was going to pick him up early.  I was quickly told that the sirens were going off, he was in an interior bathroom, and they will not let me take him out of the school when the sirens are going off.  I sat in my home glued to the TV waiting for the warning to end, so I could pick him up.  It was only about 30 minutes, but I didn't like being separated from my little Sidekick during that moment.  I definitely felt helpless, and it sucked.  Of course when I picked up Sidekick, he had no idea any of that was going on.  If anything, he enjoyed being shoved in a crib with his buddies and being rolled into a cold, tiled room that echoes when babies scream or cry. Thank goodness for safe bathrooms and tornadoes that didn't hit.  Phew! 

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