Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lucky Number Seven?

I've had seven, yes seven, IUIs!  I went into #7 believing this would be my last try, so I really went for it and did back to back IUIs.  I am emotionally and physcially drained.  My stomach is bruised from all of the injections, I have gained weight (despite all of the running I do), my ovaries hurt from growing more/bigger follicles, and the whole process is emotionally exhausting.  However, I felt good about this round.  I was right... sort of...

I received my first BFP at 11dpo.  I continued to get BFPs and was two days late.  I was so excited that I actually got pregnant.  However, at 4w3d, I began bleeding so heavily and had the worst cramps ever.  I had an early miscarriage.  I was so sad.  This chemical pregnancy made me rethink because I actually DID get pregnant.  It was that moment that I decided I couldn't quit.  I took action quickly because time is of the essence when TTC via injections.  Within two days, we came up with a plan.

My RE has suspected luteal phase defect (which we are treating) and adenomyosis.  Both can make implantation a bit of a challenge.  Instead of calling it quits since I did conceive this time around, my RE and I decided to go forward with a hysteroscopy to really look at my uterus.  I also wanted to push with another cycle, so RE is also going to start me on meds so I don't have to take a break because of the hysteroscopy. I like that he responds to what is happening with me and does whatever he can to help make this work.  While I have to sometimes be a little more proactive than I'd like to be, he at least works with me and I feel like we are a team.  I really hope that we will have some answers after the hysteroscopy.

This is going to be my marathon month, literally and figuratively!  I am running a half marathon next weekend, getting my hysteroscopy tomorrow, starting injections tonight or tomorrow, hopefully conceiving at the end of the month, and hopefully closing a million dollar deal with my customer.  It's going to be a busy, crazy few weeks, and I am eager and excited for the craziness!

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