Friday, May 13, 2011

Meeting with the RE

I met with my RE to discuss our first attempt.  I shared my concerns with him about the timing of things. He explained that it's really hard to pinpoint the exact moment ovulation occurs which is why we have to work within a window.  I understand that, but I want to feel confident that we are doing things in the window and not after the window has closed.  It's really crazy how this is literally about timing and how the timing is so short.  I'm beginning to wonder if we will get it right so that I will have a baby.  Anyway, I will trigger 36 hours before the IUI instead of 48 like we did last time.  I feel good about that, and I appreciated the fact that he is listening to me and working with me.  As explained previously, I'm doing this 100% alone with no one knowing anything, so I'll be in "hiding" again probably from here on out since the process will start again sometime soon.

On another note, the quality of my donor was not the best.  The motility is on the low side which is another thing working against me.  I bought five vials and two are still at the bank for me to sell back if I don't need them. The bank doesn't guarantee motility, but they do guarantee count.  I never knew that.  This is frustrating.  I hope the next vial is better than the first vial, but if not, I may have to change donors. What a bummer!  I guess I am now really understanding why getting pregnant is harder than one might think.  It's a rollercoaster!

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