Saturday, March 28, 2015

Momma's in Timeout

I hate being a parent today.  I despise it.  I was stretched too thin today, especially since I had to work ON A SATURDAY and take Sidekick with me for a few hours.  That was fun (insert sarcasm).  Sidekick has just done everything wrong today.  It started with him peeing on his carpet (he has never had an accident!).  I stripped him down naked after he woke up, and he was supposed to go potty instead of play while I was getting ready.  About five minutes later, he asked me to wipe him, so I assumed all was good until I stepped on a few big puddles (13 hours worth) of pee when I walked into his room to get him dressed!  Really???  I switched to an earlier soccer class because I had to work, and he didn't listen very well to his soccer coach. He did a pretty good job while I worked, but he enjoyed being loud in the echo-y school cafeteria and didn't want to use his "inside voice".  After all of this and a short nap, I was looking forward to going to church so I could get an hour break and just sit and listen.  Wouldn't you know it... his class at church did not have room for him so I had to sit in the lobby while he enjoyed all of the space to run and be wild, and I pretty much missed the entire service because I was too focused on him.

If there is anything cute and funny about the day... since Sidekick couldn't go to Kids Ministry, I took him into the church with me to listen to the music before we moved into the lobby to watch the actual service.  He enjoyed jamming with the band and listening to the "bootiful music".  When the music was done, everything was quiet, and we headed out to the lobby. Not once, not twice, but three times, he yelled, "Goodbye, everybody!" and waved excitedly. Sidekick has left the sanctuary.  I'd be lying if I didn't say there were plenty of people laughing. 

We got home and I found myself yelling at him... he wasn't eating dinner fast enough, he was being too messy, he wanted to play and not eat, he wanted to walk Dog before dinner, not after, etc.  Seriously... I lost my patience big time.  I yelled and yelled and yelled, and then I felt guilty.  Big time.

I finally put myself in a timeout (literally) on the stair where Sidekick's timeouts are.  I put my forehead in the palms of my hands and breathed deeply. Timeouts really are good.  They are kind of cathartic.  I finally asked Sidekick to come over to me, and I told him that I was sorry for yelling at him and making him sad.  I explained that being a Momma is sometimes hard.  What did he do?  He gave me a big hug and told me he loved me.  Tug at my heartstrings. 

I don't know what my problem is today, but holy shit, I hated today. Hated it. I hated the parent I was.  I know that Sidekick's "job" is to do just what he did today.  He's a normal 2 1/2 year old, but because he is typically so good and so easy, I just can't hold it together when he has a day like today. I don't know how to handle it. 

I am thankful for tomorrow... for new days... days in which we look at the present and forgot the shitty past that was today. 


  1. I can't give you advice or words of wisdom, but I can tell you I've experienced the same kind of days. They are no fun. I have also put myself in timeout. Sometimes it is the most loving, mature decision we moms can make.

  2. We have all been there and had a day like that. The most important part is that we realize our mistakes and apologize to our children....I know I for one am very thankful that my son is so forgiving when I have a bad day, because let's be honest, our rough days aren't really because he is being so naughty (he is being a normal toddler), but that I'm struggling to be patient. I've started to tell him that I need a moment to myself to calm down, and I figure it is good for us to model what it is like for us to take time to get ourselves in check too!