Monday, March 9, 2015

In a Groove and Having Fun

We are in a good place right now.  A place in which Sidekick listens to rules, doesn't have temper tantrums, is super sweet and funny, and our weekends are full of fun things to do.  If we are in such a good place, then why the hell am I so damn tired?  Seriously. I'm exhausted.  All. The. Time.  I'm sleeping through the night (I sound like a baby, but I normally have bad bouts of insomnia), and I'm actually getting more sleep than I normally do because I'm falling asleep faster and sooner.  I'm working out more and eating better.  Apparently everything good that I'm doing is NOT good for my body because it's reacting the opposite way than it should (haha). Rebellion at it's finest. Go figure.

This weekend was gorgeous!  We were outside a lot and loved the fresh air. We were both happy running around at the park, drawing with chalk on the driveway, and blowing bubbles.  Last weekend we got hit with a big snowstorm and went sledding.  Before the snow came in, I searched several stores for a sled and could not find one!  Lo and behold, right when I was about to give up, I stopped at a mom and pop hardware store and found a large selection.  We were set and Sidekick had so much fun!  Who knew that carrying a 30 pound toddler up a huge hill over and over again would be so exhausting?!

Sidekick's little brain never ceases to amaze me.  Things that come out of this kid's mouth make me chuckle.  Here are a few recent conversations:

Me:  "I love you, *Sidekick*"
Sidekick;  "I love you too and a half, Momma."  (Because he is after all 2 1/2 and not 2 anymore!)
It was "Wear Blue or Red" at school the other day.  I explained this to Sidekick and dressed him in a red and blue striped shirt.  Here was our conversation:

Sidekick:  "Momma, I have to wear purple today."
Me:  "Why?  Today is blue and red day."
Sidekick:  "Because blue and red make purple!"
In addition to "Wear Red and Blue" day, he had crazy hair day that same week.  He wanted purple and blue stripes, "Like a zebra, Momma."

Finally, while I was frantically looking for Sidekick's shoe this morning because Dog loves to carry our shoes around, Sidekick said in a loud, whiny voice with a mouth half full of oatmeal, "Momma, *Dog* is licking my paw!"  I guess I've done a crappy job distinguishing feet from paws.  :)
It's my "busy" season for work, so I've had later than normal work nights.  Fortunately, Sidekick has been able to go home with a friend from school, and I've made it to pick him up from school two minutes before they close.  Phew!  I feel badly and I miss him, but fortunately Sidekick just rolls with the punches and nothing seems to bother him. So... life is good, we are happy, and spring is (almost) here. What more could a girl want?


  1. Love these sweet spots - I hope this one lasts for a good long time. He's so cute, and funny!

    Oh, and while I'm the first to say "it's not your thyroid" - it's worthwhile to get your doc to check your thyroid. Just to be on the safe side. :)