Friday, November 28, 2014

School Pictures and Thanksgiving

Sidekick's school does pictures twice a year.  One of the times the photographer dresses the kids up and the other time the kids wear what the parents dress them in.  The last few times, Sidekick has been uncooperative... one time he flat out refused to get his picture taken. This time however, I reminded his teachers that he hasn't been very good with his pictures, so they made sure he did well.  Apparently he was a total ham when they dressed him in a suit!  I can now envision what he will look like when he is graduating from college entering the workforce. 



Thanksgiving was just a normal day around here.  We didn't do anything special.  My family doesn't live here, so it was just Sidekick and I.  I painted some furniture for Sidekick's room, we played, worked on a Christmas present project for my mom, bundled up to take Dog for a long walk, and actually watched an entire (not just the 20 minute norm) movie before bedtime.  Sidekick wanted macaroni and cheese for dinner, and I had a bowl of Wheat Chex.  (I'm sure that's close to what the Indians ate, right?)  While I am so incredibly thankful for Sidekick, the holidays can still be lonely.  Christmas will be just like Thanksgiving, so if I survived Thanksgiving, I'll do just fine on Christmas.

One thing that I think bothered me quite a bit is that on Wednesday, a friend, who happens to be a SMC, asked if I would come to her mom's house on Thanksgiving to take family pictures.  I wasn't invited for dinner.  I was invited to take pictures and then leave.  I thought that was so rude, especially since she knows that I don't have family here.  Would it have been that big of deal to have 1 1/2 (Sidekick is considered a half) people there?  Anyway, I texted her I would get back to her because I was running into the grocery store.  The entire time, I was kind of fuming.  She wanted me to come on a holiday, in the morning with Sidekick to take pictures of her entire family while I smelled the food cooking. I was hurt and pissed. 

Apparently I was preoccupied with my annoyance about that while grocery shopping and 3/4 of the way through, I realized I had someone else's cart! The cart contained my stuff and the other person's stuff.  I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find my cart, and there it was sitting next to the milk aisle.  I didn't see anyone with it, so I emptied the stuff from my "borrowed" cart and put it in my original cart. I sure hope the rightful owner found  his/her cart. I just seem to be doing stupid things like that lately.  Yesterday, I realized that I had left the milk in the car (for the second time in a row, mind you) for 24 hours. Thankfully it was cold outside, so it was still okay.  Recently I had left a rotisserie chicken in my car for two days, and it wasn't cold.  But seriously, what is my problem?

Back to the Thanksgiving day pictures... I was painting Sidekick's furniture a couple of hours after the original text about taking my friend's family picture, when my friend texted me and said that her mom's friend finally got back to them and said she would take pictures.  So, I didn't have to come up with some excuse and I didn't have to go... ON A HOLIDAY.  I seriously wasn't going to go.  I just didn't know how to get out of it.  I'm still pretty bugged about that. 

Today my mom is coming in town for a long weekend.  Sidekick is one of only about 15-20 kids at school, which has a shortened day.  I plan on taking advantage of Sidekick not being here and getting a Christmas tree with my mom and start decorating.  The big question is, will I cave and get a fake one because of the convenience of it?  Maybe I'll find a beautiful one for a great deal that I can't pass up.  I haven't decorated for years because it's just been me, and up until now, Sidekick hasn't known what holidays are, but this weekend, we are going to get all ready and make our new home pretty. 

Sidekick has been talking about Santa Claus, so I'm pretty sure his excitement will get me into the holiday spirit.  The innocence of kids can sure put life into perspective. 

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  1. The cart thing is totally something I could easily picture happening, and I have left the milk on the kitchen counter twice in the last week. The worst is when a student asks me for something (a ruler, eraser, pencil, etc.) and I say yes, and 15 minutes later the same student has to remind me they still need the item that I totally forgot to give them!