Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Has this Happened to your Kid's Diaper?

Lately, some of Sidekicks nighttime diapers seem to fall apart in the morning when I take them off.  (I think perhaps "fall apart" is a bit of understatement!)  As soon as I undid the tabs, Sidekick was covered in the "gel" and it just all fell out of the sides. I've always kind of blown this off, but today I decided to take a picture and make a phone call to the company.  (I hadn't moved anything except Sidekick):

When I called the company, I was reassured this is something that is not acceptable by company standards (no shit!) and that the "gel" has been tested and is not harmful to my child (that's good to know!).  Interestingly enough, the person with whom I spoke didn't seem shocked that I was telling her this. To be nice, the company will mail me some coupons.  I appreciate that. I really do as we all know how expensive diapers are. 
Of course I went on with my day and never threw the diaper away until I got Sidekick ready for his bath tonight.  Oops!  It was quite a mess to clean up because this "gel" is like a wet powder that kind of clumps together and seems to just spread everywhere.  I'm still pretty amazed this happened!


  1. I've seen this when my dog gets drags a diaper out of the garbage and I find it hours later. Yuck! (And really difficult to clean up from carpet. Well, at least you get coupons. I won't tell you what my dog leaves me!

  2. I read this post this morning as I had my breakfast, and thought it was a bizarre experience. I then finished getting ready and woke my son up to get him ready for daycare. Low and behold, it happened to my son for the first time last night! I will say, his diaper was more wet/full than normal....and I only switched to this brand about a month ago.

    1. Ali, what are the chances of that??? That made me chuckle!