Sunday, March 31, 2013

Helmet Update, Mommy Guilt, and Crawling

After spending a couple of hours at Children's Hospital the other day, it was pretty quickly determined that Sidekick does not need a helmet.  The doctor seemed pretty confident that Sidekick's head will round out (although not perfect) eventually, and as his head continues to get bigger, the flat spot will get smaller.  Good news, right?  While several experts have told me that a helmet is not necessary, I feel badly that I didn't just go with my gut and get one for him anyway.  After all, it is my choice. Since he is almost nine months old, if I were to do a helmet, it wouldn't be as effective as it would have been when I started this process back in December.  His head is not as malleable as it once was, so it's not really worth putting him in a helmet for 3-6 months for minimal change. My mommy guilt will linger for a long time until I see his head get better.  But, I can't look back at what I should have done, and I have to put my trust in the experts.

Speaking of guilt, after we went to church for Easter service yesterday, I felt guilty not taking Sidekick to see the Easter Bunny!  I know that's so silly, but I hope I don't have any regrets about not getting a picture of my almost nine month old baby on the Easter Bunny's lap. I've been reassured that the Easter Bunny is quite creepy, which I agree, so that somehow makes it a little better.  I also didn't do an Easter basket for him (guilt).  It seemed so ridiculous since he has no idea what is going on.  Plus, I don't want holidays to be all about gifts.  So, Sidekick just thinks it is any random day (like he normally does).  I need to get over the Easter Bunny and Easter basket guilt.  Moving on...

Speaking of moving on, Sidekick went from slithering on the ground to a strong army crawl overnight.  He is mobile!  Quite mobile-- enough to get a dog toy and put it in his mouth (great!).  My days of putting him on the floor with a bunch of toys while he sat happily playing are gone! I can no longer walk away to brush my teeth, get meals ready, do some laundry, etc. without this little guy getting into trouble.  Yikes!

As we enjoy this Easter Sunday together, I am reminded just how blessed and lucky I am to have my little sidekick. I couldn't have made a more amazing, perfect baby. 

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