Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am a Failure...

... of the one hour glucose test.  My level was supposed to be 135, and mine was actually 187.  I would have been officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes if it had been at least 200.  I sat in the doctor's office for three hours yesterday camped out with my iPhone, a book, and my work blackberry.  I fasted for 12 hours before the test even began and actually looked forward to the "double the sugar" orange drink (compared to the amount I had for the one hour test) that I got to drink because I was hungry.  BBB started rockin' and rollin' and it lasted for about an hour.   He was definitely happy and having fun!  After four blood draws, I inhaled my PB&J sandwich in about three bites and couldn't guzzle my big water bottle fast enough.  I will get the results back today, and I'm pretty much thinking that I do have gestational diabetes because that one hour number was so darn high!  The good news is, it is controllable and will not harm my baby if I am smart and watch what I eat.  Things could definitely be worse.  

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