Tuesday, March 27, 2012

B Cubed Still has No Name

Is there anything wrong with his first name being listed as B Cubed on his his birth certificate?  How do people find out they are having a boy or girl and automatically know his or her name will be ____?  I can't do it!  I have three great names picked out (middle name is the same for all three), and while I love them all, they are all so different.  I think if I wait a year or so, I might be able to pick the "right" name.  How does one pick a name without knowing what his personality is let alone what he looks like?  Am I the only one struggling with this?  I think this stresses me out more than him actually entering the world and changing my whole life!  I think he shall remain B Cubed until I see his face and spend some time with him.  I realize that he has to have a name before I leave the hospital, but unless I can hang out there for a year, it's going to be a tough to decide on one.

On a different note, I had my four week check-up last week.  While I eat about the same amount as I did before I got pregnant (and in many cases less) and I continue to work out or at least walk my dog for 30 minutes a day, I can't quite figure out where the 20 pounds has come from! My goal was to gain 25 pounds total, and that clearly isn't going to happen.  Since B Cubed only weighs a little over a pound, where did the other 19 pounds come from? I've been told by everyone that I'm only showing in by belly and nowhere else.  It makes me feel better that my pregnancy is not taking over my entire body. Let's hope it stays that way! Yesterday was the first day that I was unable to button my work pants which kind of bummed me out, but at least I made it 24 weeks wearing my "regular" pants. I'm hoping that I can continue to wear my work pants with the belly band for the remainder of my pregnancy.  

I tried to convince my doctor that I needed to have another ultrasound, and here's how that conversation went:

Me:  "I think I should have another ultrasound."
Doctor:  "Really?  Why?"
Me:  "I don't feel him very often, so I want to make sure his arms and legs haven't detached."
Doctor:  "Let me write up that paperwork and see if the insurance will cover that claim."  (laughing)
Me:  "There isn't a code for that reason when filing?"

Despite my good effort, I did not get an ultrasound, but I did make her laugh.  I purchased a 3D ultrasound through Groupon.  My mom and I will be doing that next month, so I can see him again and in much  more detail.  Maybe then I'll be able to figure out his name... wishful thinking!

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