Friday, July 29, 2016

Another Trip to the ER

Sidekick just can't catch a break in 2016!  Let me remind you how he year has been so far:

1.  January:  One week sick and out of school with Croup.
2.  February:  One week sick and out of school with RSV (I think that's what he had)
3.  March:  Two weeks out of school for surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids and get tubes in ears.

And now July (almost one year from our last ER visit)...

I was outside on the playground talking to Sidekick's teacher when I dropped him off yesterday morning.  I saw him lying on the ground crying and told him he was okay and to come over to me.  He dragged himself off the ground and slowly walked towards me while holding his shoulder.  Sidekick has an amazingly high pain threshold, so to see him crying so much made me think that this might be a little more than a little boo-boo.  I eventually calmed him down and put him down so I could leave.  As soon as I put him down and his arms raised up since my hands were basically under his armpits, he immediately screamed and cried in pain. 

I decided to take him inside to get him away from all the kids and we headed to the office.  As soon as the director saw him crying (she knew that isn't normal for him) and holding his shoulder, she told me to take him for an x-ray.  I looked at her and dropped the F-Bomb.  I was out of town for two days for work and had a lot to catch up on, and a trip to the ER was not on my agenda.

I put him in the car seat and he again screamed as I was trying to get his arms through the five point harness.  I drove home to tell my mom (she's still in town) and she came with us to the ER.  Sidekick loves, and I mean LOVES the hospital, so he was excited to go.  We arrived and there was no one there, so we got right in (amazing!).  People came in his room to talk to him and check him and ask what happened.  Here was his explanation:

"I was playing Titty Tat (Kitty Cat) and Lion. (Mind you I have no idea what this game is.)  I was the Titty Tat crawling and Ty tripped on me and knocked me over."
I have no idea if that's what happened since I didn't see it, but I guess it seems logical and that's the story he's sticking with. 
He happily laid in the bed at the ER while being examined and did a great job with getting x-rays, especially since the technician needed to put his arms in painful positions.  We immediately got the results back that he broke his collar bone.  Poor dude.  He needs to be in a sling for four weeks, so that has pretty much ruined the rest of our summer.
I kept him home from school today and he just watched TV while I worked.  He's in a lot of pain and is just struggling with his new "normal".  Of course it's his right collarbone, so he's having to learn to function with his left side.  He's doing great but he gets frustrated with simple things like getting himself up on the sofa.  It's amazing how much our collarbone is used for just simple things. 
Being the cool mom I am, I got him a skull and crossbones patch and wrote his name in cool purple paint on his sling.  It looked super boring, but now it looks fun and he loves it!
I'm so lucky that he is so laid back and nothing really fazes him.  He's such a trooper! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, poor Sidekick! And poor Mommy! I hope he heals quickly!