Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Road Kill Breath

I was told that Sidekick's breath will smell during the healing process, but I had no idea what that meant.  I quickly learned.  It smells like road kill.  I am not kidding.  Sidekick liked to snuggle with me when he wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to vomit every time he came near me.  Seriously... it was the worst smell ever!

He is back to school this week after a long two week hiatus.  I have to say that was not a fun two weeks.  For over a week,  he woke up every four hours and needed his medicine.  Then I fought him to take this nasty tasting medicine which resulted in screaming and crying on his part in the middle of the night. It was awful.  He never, and I mean never, woke up that many times as a newborn! And then like clockwork, he'd climb into my bed between 3:00 and 3:30 AM.  Again, this is something he has never done, but I knew if he was doing it, then he was definitely not feeling well.  I have a king sized bed, and by morning, I'd find Sidekick on my pillow breathing on me with his road kill breath while I was hanging off the edge.  This kid rarely moves in his bed, so I couldn't understand why he wanted to be so close to me when he has never slept with me before.  But holy crap!  I probably would have been more tolerant if he didn't have road kill breath.

At the beginning of week two, we were definitely sick of each other.  I was juggling work and him, but he would just lay in my bed and watch TV, while I was two floors down working.  I'd check on him every 1 1/2 hours or so, and he was totally content.  I hated that he was watching so much TV, but I knew that's what he needed to do to heal. His normal one-show-a-day turned into hours and hours a day.  Very quickly, he began asking for things from the Easter Bunny that he saw on commercials (so that's how that happens!). 

We ended up having a knock down yelling fight one day because I wanted to meet a friend and go running with him in the jogging stroller, and he didn't want to go. I was so angry because I had been taking care of him for a week at that point with no break from him, and I felt like he was being such a little shit by not doing ONE thing for me!  He was feeling better and it was a beautiful day, but he wanted to watch TV instead.  I was frustrated and angry with him, and we both lost our shit. I felt like everything was spiraling out of control.

The next day, Grandma came to save us!  I had to get out to see customers, so she came in town and took care of him Wednesday-Friday while I worked.  Sidekick was so excited to see her and ran to her with a balloon for her and beads around his neck when she was walking out of the terminal to baggage claim.  And at the point, he became a new person.  A person who was happier, excited, and more entertained. A person who was so grateful to have someone in his life besides me.

He was out of school for two weeks total, and we (more so my mom) slowly started getting him back to real life by doing things with him and limiting TV.  He was completely exhausted doing anything, but the slow transition helped him acclimate back to school. 

He's done great in school this week, which I hadn't expected. He's been a little clingy when I drop him off, but overall, he's been a good listener and has behaved well at school.  Phew! I was expecting a rough week.

And then there is me... with a recent trip to the ER and now an appointment with a general surgeon tomorrow.  Good times!  Grandma is still here and will be here until when we figure out what is wrong with me. Hoping for some answers tomorrow, but that'll be another post. 

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  1. I hope you are ok, I'm probably going to check up on you on FB just to make sure.

    As for the nasty breath...I hate to say this but it will never be quite normal again. I remember that scent from when Eyes had his adenoids out. While his breath isn't that bad anymore, it never went back to just be little kid morning breath again. Which reminds me, have you ever noticed babies have stinky breath when they are getting new teeth?!