Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Missing my Sidekick

I had to travel for work, so I am away from my sweet baby for the first time overnight.  Thankfully my mom came in town to take care of him.  We took him to school today, and I sadly said goodbye to him.  I know he is in great hands, but I won't see for two full bedtimes because I get home late tomorrow night.  What would I do without technology?  My mom texted me a pic when she picked him up from school and he was in the car.  She texted me a pic of him playing when he got home.  She texted a pic of him eating.  She texted a pic of him taking bath.  AND we even Skyped! I feel like I was with him (from afar).

I was so excited to curl up in my bed and read because I didn't have anything to do while being stuck in my hotel room, and my days of reading are far and few between.  (I used to be a voracious reader.).  I was two hours into my four hour drive when I remembered that I forgot my Kindle! I was/am so bummed! Yes, I could have bought a book, but I have many unread books on my shelves, and I was almost done with the one on my Kindle.  So, I sit here writing my blog and getting ready to watch the new TV series, "Ready for Love". 

A night away from my baby, and I'm already showered, in my bed, and waiting 15 minutes until the show starts.  Pathetic.  : )

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