Thursday, August 6, 2015

Down and Out Momma

Holy crap!  Being "sick" with a kid is really a challenge.  Last Friday, something happened to my neck or my head or something.  I had limited movement of my neck and what I call "electric currents" going down my neck and into my shoulders.  Ouch!  What's strange is that I had something like this about 20 years ago in my lower back with the "electric currents" going down my legs.  After doctors couldn't figure out what was going on, I was diagnosed with some type of virus that settled in my spinal cord.  I'm thinking I had something like that again. 
Sidekick gets to watch one show a day and that's before bedtime.  He spent most of Saturday in front of the TV while I slept on the sofa next to him.  He was so sweet to me and kept telling me that he'll take care of me.  He's so compassionate and will make an amazing husband one day.
I was in so much pain that I went into my linen close to see what medicines I had.  Armed with a muscle relaxer, pain pill, and anti-inflammatory meds all taken pretty much at the same time, nothing helped with the pain.  Nothing!  How is that possible?  I felt like a horrible Mom whose son was neglected, but I knew he was content and okay with a broken Momma laying next to him.  I'm not a person who sleeps more than about 7 hours of sleep a night, but between Friday night and Saturday day, I slept about 13 hours and then fell asleep Saturday at 8:00.  I knew something was definitely wrong with me. 
Of course this week I had a grueling week with work and couldn't let the pain get the best of me, so I muddled through all of my appointments and finally started feeling better on Wednesday.  I was thrilled that today I could go for a run and felt pretty good. 
Prior to this happening, I had just gotten Sidekick's three years pictures done and thought I'd share.  This boy is three going on 30.  I can envision what he'll look like 27 years from now. 

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